Praveen Maheepala

Mr. Praveen Maheepala

University Student

Volunteer Level - Bronze

Volunteer Information
Country Branch Name

Sri Lanka

Institution Name

University of Kelaniya

Joined Date

Sunday, May 16, 2021

Volunteer Experiences
I started my volunteering life by being a member of the Tzu-chi foundation. And then I became a Team Leader of Incoming Global Talent of AIESEC at university of Kelaniya. And I was the Organizing Committee Vice president for events at the Leadership Development Seminar (LDS 2020) of AIESEC in University of Kelaniya. I also became the Public Relations Specialist in Media for the International Presidents' Meeting (IPM) 2021 in Aiesec international. I also became the organizing committee vice president for Public Relations of the event Port City Colombo YouthSpeak Forum and Ideathon of AIESEC in Srilanka. Currently, I'm volunteering as the Public Relations Officer in ISACA of University of Kelaniya as well as a Member of the Engineering and Technology Team of Youth Govern SL (YGSL).
Reason For Registration

I always wanted to volunteer in something in order to do something better for society. And after joining AIESEC, Tzu-Chi foundation and YGSL(Youth Govern SL) I learnt a lot and gave back a lot to society as a volunteer, And as being a volunteer of STEMup Foundation I believe that I could help to create a better world by volunteering for projects, events etc. And I would like to learn something while I can give something back to society as well.

Volunteer Technical Skills
Computer Programming
Web Development
Cloud Computing
Volunteer Language Skills
Volunteer Skill Badges