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Who can volunteer?

STEMUP is a non profit organization, linking knowledge with needs. Its network includes over 700 individuals, volunteers and partners. We are an inclusive organization, open to all people regardless of race, nationality, religion, sex, education or physical ability. For legal reasons, we require written authorization from a parent or legal guardian for volunteers under 18 years old.

What does STEMUP expect from volunteers?

Volunteers are asked to indicate their availability prior to a project. We will elaborate our schedules according to the volunteer’s availability. Once a volunteer commits to participate in a project, s/he has a moral obligation to do so. Volunteers must contact us to let us know any changes of availability prior to the event, so a replacement can be found.

How can you get involved?

Before starting to work with STEMUP, candidates are invited to fill in our registration form specifying, among other relevant information, their skills, motivations and expectations. A personal interview following this registration may be necessary to develop an individualized plan for your activities. If you would like to apply for one of our longer-term volunteer opportunities, please send your CV to leaders@stemup.foundation.

What kind of training will you receive?

At the beginning of every major project, we organize an information / training session for volunteers.The training includes technical information related to volunteer activities as well as a general introduction to the subject of the project, conference or event. Volunteers are required to attend the training, as those who are not adequately trained may not be able to participate in activities.

If desired, volunteers receive a certificate of participation at the end of a project. For long-term volunteering this is automatic.

Is there any financial compensation?

We cannot pay volunteers. Volunteers provide assistance on the condition that they are not financially compensated for their time. Expenses (transportation, accommodation, etc.) may be paid on prior agreement only.

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